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Fellicia Smith - Transforming failure into triumph

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Fellicia Smith, the heart and soul behind FedExclusive, goes beyond being a CEO. She is a passionate advocate using her voice to shed light on the struggles faced by the homeless, individuals with mental health issues, the formerly incarcerated, and those living in poverty. What sets her message apart is her personal journey of triumph over these challenges.

Having experienced homelessness, mental health issues, and incarceration, Felicia has transformed her life and become a communications specialist and advocate.

Today, as a motivational speaker and consultant, she inspires others to confront their obstacles head-on and conquer their own challenges. Fellicia not only provides valuable insight but also offers practical guidance on forging ahead in life, even in the face of difficulties. Join Fellicia on her mission to make a difference and empower others at


Advocacy for criminal justice reform, particularly within the context of women’s incarceration, resonates deeply with me. I am dedicated to championing change by shedding light on unheard stories, challenging preconceptions, and promoting alternatives to incarceration.

Engaging with policymakers, communities, and individuals, my advocacy aims to create a compassionate and equitable system that recognizes the resilience and potential for growth within every person impacted by the criminal justice system.

Together, let’s strive for a truly just society, where empathy and understanding pave the path to rehabilitation.


As a dedicated motivator with personal experience overcoming the challenges of reentering society post-incarceration, I inspire individuals to envision a future beyond their past mistakes.

Providing practical guidance, emotional support, and hope, I empower others to embrace the opportunities that await them. Additionally, I advocate for policy changes in criminal justice reform, working with policymakers and community leaders to create a more compassionate and effective system.

Through sharing real stories and promoting evidence-based practices, I strive to prioritize rehabilitation, reduce recidivism, and foster a just and inclusive society for those transitioning from incarceration.

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My commitment lies in aiding individuals who’ve faced incarceration, offering steadfast support, encouragement, and a genuine opportunity for positive transformation. Concurrently, I advocate for reforms in the justice system, urging a shift towards rehabilitation-focused policies to establish a more equitable and just environment for all affected individuals.

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  • Grant Writer
  • Inmate Advocacy
  • Journalist
My Mission - Fellicia Smith - Success Felon Advocate - Fedexclusive


Connecting with FedExclusive was a turning point in my life. Fellicia Smith's dedication and understanding of challenges faced by individuals reentering society after involvement in the criminal justice system have been transformative. Her advocacy, support, and guidance empower me to navigate hurdles with resilience.


Fellicia's motivation and expertise as a speaker have left a lasting impact on my journey towards success. I am forever grateful for FedExclusive's commitment to transforming failure into triumph. Thank you for being a beacon of hope and a true advocate for change.


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